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Dr. Horváth Krisztina szájsebész, fogász szakorvos, Hévíz, Medicinaklinika

Dr. Krisztina Horváth Oral Surgeon

I graduated with Honour (“Cum Laude”) from the Dentistry Department of Szeged University in 2012. Between 2012 and 2015, I spent my resident years at the Oral and Maxillofacial Department and the Department of Otolaryngology of Kecskemét County Hospital, where I gained proficiency mainly in ambulatory oral surgery. However, I was also involved in the surgical care of complex head and neck cases.
In 2015, I passed the dentoalveolar surgeon special examination with excellent results. Since then, I have been carrying out dental and oral surgical treatments for Hungarian and foreign patients. I regularly attend national and international conferences and training courses in order to achieve the best possible care for patients.



  • Root apex resection
  • Implantology
  • Sinuslift / Bone augmentation

  • Cystectomy

  • Wisdom tooth extraction

  • small oral surgery operations

Dr. Horváth Krisztina szájsebész szakorvos - Hévíz Medicina Praxisház / SGS Dental


If there is a sufficient bone supply, the implant can be inserted even right after the tooth removal.
In case of favourable conditions, the newly inserted implant can be loaded immediately, that is within 2-3 days a tooth suitable for chewing again can be made instead of the lost tooth.
The procedure happens under local anaesthesia.
This method can help to prevent the unfavourable process of bone demolition and the tilting of the neighbouring teeth toward the gap.

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