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Dr. Riedling Zsolt, fogszakorvos, medicina klinika, Hévíz


I graduated from the University of Pécs in 1986.
I completed my special examination in 1988 in Budapest.
I have been working in Hévíz since 1990.
Here, in 1999, I founded my dental care company called Albadent´99 Limited Partnership with a view to ensure my patients the most precise and modern dental care at all times.


Tooth retention treatments

  • Fillings light-curing filling material.
  • root canal treatment
  • Root filling
  • Tooth whitening
  • Tooth guard rails
  • Tooth scale removal


Tooth replacements

  • Immediate implant
  • Metal ceramic crowns
  • Metal-free ceramic crowns
  • Inlay / Gold and Fuji Gradia /
  • Zircon crowns
  • Teleszkópkoronák
  • Fine mechanical denture anchors
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Temporary dentures

Dr. Horváth Krisztina szájsebész szakorvos - Hévíz Medicina Praxisház / SGS Dental


If there is a sufficient bone supply, the implant can be inserted even right after the tooth removal.
In case of favourable conditions, the newly inserted implant can be loaded immediately, that is within 2-3 days a tooth suitable for chewing again can be made instead of the lost tooth.
The procedure happens under local anaesthesia.
This method can help to prevent the unfavourable process of bone demolition and the tilting of the neighbouring teeth toward the gap.


Medicina Praxis, Hévíz, Dr. Riedling Zsolt fogszakorvos
Anesto, is a new anaesthesia system, was especially designed for intraosseous injection.Because the anaesthetic is injected directly into the jawbone, Anesto allows targeted and safe local anaesthetization of individual teeth without long-lasting numbness.

  • The handpiece can be operated on any air or electric motor with an ISO connection
  • Improved time management
  • Instant pain relief
  • Less anaesthetic required
  • No long-lasting numbness

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