Dr. Iván Horváth Senior Physiciant, Surgeon, Specialist for Plastic Surgery

1989 – Degree in General Medicine at the Medical University of Pécs / Faculty of General Medicine
1994 – Specialist for Surgery, senior physician
1997 – Specialist for Sports Medicine
2005 – Specialist for Burns Surgery, Reconstruction Surgery and Plastic Surgery
Since 2001: employment as a specialist for plastic-aesthetic surgery
Since 2000: Chair of the Board of Examinations for Professional Qualifications, recognised by the Ministry of Education.
Consulting hours:
Thursday 9.00 – 11.00
(It’s possible to come at another time!)

You can register for a treatment in 2 ways:

Registration on the phone:

Please, call this number
00 36 30 30 30 29 781
Online registration:
Email: drivan@drivan.eu

If you want to register ont he Internet, please fill out this e-mail form and press bottom “Send”
and we are going to get in touch with you.

Our Services

Facial correction

Nasal correction

Ears correction

Breast correction

Breast enlargement


Eyelid correction

Removal of varicose veins

Other possibilities

lips injection

breast reduction

genital correction

lifting of the upper and lower arm

scar correction

removal of pigmentation


warts and lipomas