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Our clinic currently offers the following preventive screenings:

  • Medical and physical cardiac examination, brief cardiac anamnesis
  • ECG
  • Medical and physical cardiac examination, anamnesis, evaluation of findings
  • Exercise ECG, blood count, ESR blood test, glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, DHL-cholesterol, urine and stool test

Free ophthalmic sreening test:

  • Anterior and posterior eye segment (slit lamp) examination
  • Subjective refraction visual acuity test
  • Objective definition of refraction (computerized test)
  • Colour vision test

Our special screening package for compensation:

  • Glaucoma and cataract screening (with surgical background)
  • Funduscopy (an annual control is recommended for everyone older than 35 years)
  • Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) test (for computer professionals)

Our optical store provides the following allowances for spectacles made according to the 50/1999.(XI.3) regulation of the Ministry of Health:

  • 50% discount from the price of spectacle-frames
  • 20% discount from the price of lenses made with Essilor Soft Monitor Filter (reduces glare, filters in short wave (blue) range, improves contrast, ideal for computer professionals and for those working in artificial light)

Skin cancer screening / dermatoscopic screening with photographic documentation

Rheumatological screening test:

anamnesis, locomotive health monitoring, complaint check, councelling:

  • spine, small and large joints
  • acute or chronic spine disorders:
    – lumbago, neuritis, vertebral disc disorder, etc.
  • problems caused by scoliosis
  • consequences of incorrect or increased usage:
    – computer, sedentary job, regular driving, irregularly or improperly performed exercises
  • neck and shoulder girdle pains, limitation of motion
  • occipital neuralgia, cervicobrachialgia
  • shoulder arthritis, frozen shoulder syndrome, adhesive capsulitis
  • intercostal neuralgia
  • arthritis
  • muscle aches, myalgiform complaints
  • tendonitis, sprains
  • tennis and golf elbow
  • bursitis
  • tunnel syndromes
  • dislocation, sprains
  • gout

Dental foci research panoramic X-ray image

Urological screening test (from June)

  • physical examination, kidney and bladder ultrasound
  • For men: physical examination, kidney, bladder, prostate and testicular ultrasound
  • PSA test